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The new series of Norse podcasts

In this series, we address the key issues facing local government and the business world.

We discuss, challenge and interrogate, seeking expert opinion.

Our podcasts feature a range of guests from the public and private sectors, sharing their knowledge and opinions.

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S01 E02

'Can local authorities survive the hard times ahead'

Justin Galliford is joined by Lord Porter of Spalding, the Leader of South Holland District Council and a former Chairman of the Local Government Association, to discuss whether local authorities have the resources to survive the hard times ahead.

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Run time: 40 minutes (approx)
Filesize: 666MB
Release Date: 23rd December 2022

S01 E03

'NorseCare - a new model for local authority care homes'

Justin Galliford talks with Norse's Director of Care, Paul Gilligan, about how Norse has developed its turnkey care homes model, improving care standards, and helping the NHS with the bed availability crisis

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Run time: 29 minutes (approx)
Filesize: 402MB
Release Date: 6th February 2023

S01 E04

'The crucial role of highways in the wider economy'

Justin Galliford talks with Dom Browne, Editor of Highways Magazine, about the crucial and diverse role highways play in all areas of the wider economy, from their role in the movement in goods, services and people, and the wider role they play in developing a sense of place, forming the fabric of our towns and cities.

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Run time: 44 minutes (approx)
Filesize: 759MB
Release Date: 3rd March 2023

This Season's Speakers

Justin Galliford (Host)

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Norse Group Limited

Dr Andy Wood OBE

Chair of the Board

Norse Group Limited

Lord Gary Porter CBE

Independent Non-Executive Director

Norse Group Limited

Paul Gilligan

Director of Care

Norse Group Limited

Dom Browne


Highways Magazine